The Art of American Indian Cooking

The Art of American Indian Cooking
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From the back cover: The Art of American Indian Cooking is a sensuous journey of color, scent, and flavor through five North American regions. Using the bounty of ingredients available -- such as avocados, sweet or Idaho potatoes, pineapples, pumpkins, wild game and seafood, the American Indian first combined these gifts of the earth into what many of us now consider to be traditional American cooking. Offering such delicacies as Zuni green chili stew and roast pheasant stuffed with grapes and nuts, plus simple favorites such as baked acorn squash with honey and Chippewa wild rice, The Art of American Indian cooking presents some of the best-loved dishes our continent has to impart. Adapted for modern kitchens, these recipes are as inspired today as they were at their inception, reflecting the terrain, climate and culture from which they emerged. (Paperback)