DVD: Arts Alive - Healing Arts

DVD: Arts Alive - Healing Arts
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Art. It can be beautiful, expressive, insightful and symbolic, but for many artists and organizations art means something more...it can heal. In this episode the term "healing arts" takes on several meanings. It can strengthen memories from the past, help build bridges of understanding, communicate messages of hope, and maybe most importantly, it can strengthen the social bonds that make our community a place worth living. In Arts Alive: Healing Arts we'll see the photographic work of the Heart Gallery, an organization that displays heart-warming photos of children awaiting adoption. We'll visit Very Special Arts, a group whose mission is to provide educational opportunities in the arts for kids of all abilities. And, we'll see how art is strengthening memory and communication skills in patients with Alzheimer's, plus much more. Come along as we explore the power and potential of what art can accomplish on Arts Alive: Healing Arts.

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