DVD: A Beautiful Blend, Mixed Race in America

DVD: A Beautiful Blend, Mixed Race in America
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A Beautiful Blend, Mixed Race in America, is a documentary that explores multiracial people in America. Multiethnic personalities are everywhere: on magazine covers, in movies, and on television. There are a number of celebrities, such as actress Halle Barry and golfer Tiger Woods who donít quite fit the familiar racial categories. They are part of a growing number of peopleófamous and not so famous, who have inherited a beautiful genetic blend from parents of diverse origin. Many share the experience of being approached by total strangers who want to know what they are, not who they are. But most mixed race people want to celebrate all of their ethnicities. They want to be part of mainstream society, not treated as a curiosity.

Todayís multiracial youth reflect the changing faces of America. The numbers continue to bear that out. Itís expected nearly 75 million Americans will identify with more than one race by 2050. Itís a powerful new force that cannot be ignored.

Also included in this DVD version is the KVIE produced program Hapa: One Step At A Time.

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