Breast Cancer Strength & Courage

DVD: Breast Cancer  - Strength & Courage
DVD: Breast Cancer - Strength & Courage
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It's estimated that the lives of three million women in the United States are affected by breast cancer - and along with them, their families and friends. While the battle rages on the clinical front, the emotional challenge of breast cancer can be even more difficult.

Hosted by breast cancer survivor Jill Eikenberry and her husband Michael Tucker, the program offers a helping hand to breast cancer patients and their loved ones who are grappling with tough issues, offering inspiration and practical ideas for getting through a challenging time with a positive attitude.

Breast Cancer Strength & Courage profiles women who overcame their fear and learned to live life to the fullest, in simple but extraordinary ways. The program is based upon a newly published book titled The Breast Cancer Book of Strength and Courage co-authored by Judie Panneton and Kaiser Permanente breast cancer surgeon Dr. Ernie Bodai.

Jane Goldman painted the many bouquets friends brought to cheer her. Biba Caggiano had two families to offer support - the one at home and the one at her restaurant. Leslie Mouton anchored the evening news (in Texas) with a bald head. "Strength and courage is what you need when you are battling breast cancer but it is often hard to summon. These women have done it in simple but extraordinary ways," says producer Sue Pearson Atkinson.

Their stories and others are featured in this program created by KVIE.