DVD: Death of a Shaman

DVD: Death of a Shaman
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Product Description

Sacramento independent film producer Fahm Saeyang responds to her father's unsettled life and death by taking a reverse journey to examine the heartbreaking path he took from respectability to hopelessness-and from Southeast Asia to America-in a heartfelt personal mission to understand his tragic story.

This dual journey helps "Death of a Shaman" examine with painful honesty how Fahm's Mien immigrant family suffered through a 20-year ordeal of poverty, racism, religions, drugs, jail, and the murder of a family member.

For more information about the film, please visit the link shown at the bottom of this page. Death of a Shaman is a film by Richard Hall & Fahm Saeyang, in conjunction with KVIE, ITVS, and NAATA. NTSC Format.

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