DVD: Flashcards

DVD: Flashcards
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FLASHCARDS explores an 11-year-old girl's memory of sexual abuse at her family's seemingly idyllic summer cottage in Michigan. In the summer of 1967, this vacation became a way for Mary Kay's middle-class Italian-American family to flee from the racial tensions of Detroit. A dark secret and real danger could be found underneath the fašade of this fun and carefree time. Looking back, Mary Kay gradually reveals the disturbing events that robbed her of her innocence and shredded the fabric of a seemingly perfect family. FLASHCARDS explores the ways in which Mary Kay reacts to being sexually abused within her own family, following her withdrawal from those around her and her growing silence, confusion and shame. Through its sensitive and unsensationalized portrait of one girl's struggle with child sexual abuse, FLASHCARDS provides an understanding of both the dynamics of child sexual abuse and the broader cultural patterns perpetuating it.