DVD- Hapa: One Step at a Time

DVD- Hapa: One Step at a Time

Product Description

Hapa is a first person documentary of Japanese American and national class marathon runner Midori Sperandeo, who explores self-discovery, bi-racial identity, and offers perspective on being Hapa. Hapa comes from the Hawaian phrase hapa haole, which means "half white/foreigner." A term once considered derogatory by many Nisei, Asian American contemporaries today accept it as a way to describe a person of partial Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry. Through interviews with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives, including an interview with the filmmaker's mother, and others of Japanese American, African American, and Jewish decent, Midori offers a modern twentieth-century overview of the Hapa struggle in America and explores the evolution of their social acceptance. This documentary also speaks to how individuals of Asian decent are embracing their life experiences as Hapa as a symbol of the vibrant change to a multicultural society.

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