DVD: ViewFinder - Echoes of a Lost Valley

DVD: ViewFinder  - Echoes of a Lost Valley
Item# PTVFD509

Product Description

Imagine a broad, expansive valley resting in the midst of a grand mountain range, a valley dotted with ancient oaks and mighty pines cradling the largest fresh-water lake west of the Mississippi. On the valley floor, wildflowers carpet the earth in blazing color, great flocks of birds darken the sky, majestic herds of elk and antelope graze at sunset, grizzly bears angle for salmon, and the largest concentration of Indians in North America live in harmony with nature's abundance. Today these sights and sounds are now mostly gone; only echoes remain. Computer generated graphics and stunninng visual images are accompanied by bio-acoustician Bernie Krause, who has re-created an early California soundscape.

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