DVD: ViewFinder - Boomers, Talkin 'Bout My Generation

DVD: ViewFinder - Boomers, Talkin 'Bout My Generation
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Product Description

Baby Boomers - that vast generation born between World War II and the first Beatles tour. It's been said that the depression era age group thinks boomers are spoiled, And that the younger generations think they try to hang on to their youth. But what the heck do baby boomers think of themselves?

Comedian Jack Gallagher provides the jumping-off point to “Boomers, Talkin ‘Bout My Generation” as he reflects on himself and fellow Boomers in his stand-up comedy routine. Gallagher continues his quest for signs that this generation sees itself so much differently than previous through conversations with doctors, psychologists, clothiers, advertising experts, even a hair stylist. A trip to Sun City in Lincoln finds that the experts in over-55 housing have been researching the minds of Baby Boomers for the last ten years.

“Boomers, Talkin ‘Bout My Generation” will amuse you while it informs you. It’s required viewing for every Boomer and might just let everyone else in on what the fuss is all about.