DVD: ViewFinder - The Collectors

DVD: ViewFinder - The Collectors
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One person's trash is another person's treasure. Collections of dolls, coins and baseball cards give folks the opportunity to explore new worlds or re-connect with their childhoods. And some people get enjoyment from collecting odd and unusual things! On "ViewFinder: The Collectors" Pat McConahay and Jason Shoultz discover people with some very interesting collections. Meet a Modesto firefighter who finds and restores fire hydrants and a professor whose so-called Asphalt Museum is truly where the rubber meets the road. The program also takes us to a convention of Pez candy dispenser collectors as well as a Sierra Foothills winery owner with the crown jewel of the Gold Rush era. And did you know the world's largest private collection of robotic dogs is right here in the Central Valley? We'll introduce you to the owners!

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