DVD: ViewFinder - Profiles: Dr. Bodai and Jean Runyon

DVD: ViewFinder -  Profiles: Dr. Bodai and Jean Runyon
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The first in a series of one-on-one interviews with notable and newsworthy community members. Hosted by Pat McConahay, this episode will feature Dr. Ernie Bodai and PR maven Jean Runyon.

Dr. Bodai is a renowned breast cancer surgeon and directs the Breast Health Center at Kaiser Permanente, Sacramento. He was born in Hungary in 1951. He and his family lived in a bomb shelter for nearly a year before they escaped to the U.S. from Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution in 1957. The family struggled to make it in the states, but Ernie managed to get through medical school while helping to support his parents. He is not only a breast cancer surgeon, but a professor, medical book author, inventor, and of course the man behind the successful breast cancer stamp.

Many in Sacramento know the name Jean Runyon. She is as a kind hearted public relations "Diva," but many people may not know she's a talented actress and puppeteer who spent time in Hollywood in her younger years. Jean talks about how she fell into PR and a funny story about shooting her first commercial. She also talks about the tough times and what keeps her going.