DVD: ViewFinder - The Sacramento: River of Life

DVD: ViewFinder - The Sacramento: River of Life
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“The future of California is joined at the hip with the Sacramento River.” So says UC Davis geologist Jeff Mount, who has made a career of studying the state’s largest watershed. Without it, “California would be Nevada,” adds author and historian J. S. Holliday.

The Sacramento River has always been a “river of life” and never more so than right now. Gathering water from an area nearly the size of Indiana, the Sacramento and its many tributaries nurture the vast agricultural corridor of the Central Valley, and provide water to cities as far south as Los Angeles. It’s a vital organ for hundreds of wildlife species, including four separate runs of Chinook salmon.

But as the Valley’s population continues to burgeon over the next decade, difficult choices arise concerning the use and health of this vital resource. Join us for an eye-opening journey into River Country. Come face to face with California’s future.