DVD: Wings Over The Central Valley

DVD: Wings Over The Central Valley
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General Jimmy Doolittle, the famous World War II aviator, once said, “if you were to take the pulse of a city, take it at her airport.” By that, or any other measure, the five Air Force bases in California’s Central Valley have contributed mightily to the pulse and vitality of their surrounding communities.

Wings Over the Central Valley is a history of the Air Force presence in northern California. The people and aircraft stationed at those bases – Beale, outside Marysville; Travis, in Fairfield; Castle, in Atwater, and Mather and McClellan in Sacramento – played a pivotal role in the defense of our nation during times of war and peace for more than eighty years.

From the graduation of aviation cadets in Mills Field in 1918, through World War II and the Berlin Airlift, during the long Cold War and into the new millennium, Central Valley residents and their warbirds were on the scene worldwide, all the while keeping the peace on the home front.

Wings Over The Central Valley recounts stories that affected the nation and the world through local perspective. The program is a chronological account of the lives of these bases and the events that shaped life in the Central Valley, heard firsthand from the men and women who played an important part in the history of our region, and the defense of our country.

This DVD version contains an additional fifteen minutes of bonus interview material.