DVD: Your Money, Your Legacy

DVD:  Your Money, Your Legacy

Product Description

Many women have questions and concerns about the future of their money. How will they ensure the people and issues important to them are taken care of once they’re gone? A good estate plan can solve these problems, but planning estates can often be confusing and intimidating. Inaction leaves many senior women with insufficient, outdated, or nonexistent plans – certain chaos for loved ones left behind.

Your Money, Your Legacy sparks the conversation about how to build your financial legacy through sound estate planning. Geared toward women over 60, the program addresses common concerns from local women. Three experts in the field respond: Elfrena Foord, a financial planner; Kay Brooks, an estate planning attorney; and Gene Gonzales, a Certified Public Accountant. They demystify estate planning, outline its costs and benefits, and recommend resources to aid in the process of preparing plans.

A must-have resource for estate planning, Your Money, Your Legacy encourages women to take action, and leads them on the road to leaving a meaningful and lasting legacy to their families and communities.

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