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Dr. Leo Buscaglia, a former professor of education at the University of Southern California, helped millions of PBS viewers realize improved communications skills and their fullest potential as human beings by stressing that life can be full of inspiration, joy and creativity. His televised lectures on love, hope, family, friends and caring are in great demand throughout the United States and many countries around the world.

Before he passed away in 1998, Leo Buscaglia had written several books dealing with the experience of love. Over 18 million are in circulation, and have been translated into 17 languages. Dr. Buscaglia’s books and lectures contain witty examples showing how relationships can nourish us and how we can develop better ways to communicate our feelings.

KVIE is pleased to offer eight of Dr. Buscaglia's programs in special 2-DVD Sets. These programs are struck from the original masters. KVIE is the producing PBS station for all eight program titles.