Microfiber Windshirt & 1/2 Zip Windshirt

Microfiber Windshirt & 1/2  Zip Windshirt
Item# PTAMT401
Microfiber-Windshirt(Olive/Dill-Coloured):  1/2-Zip-Windshirt(Tan/Black-Coloured): 

Product Description

MICROFIBER WINDSHIRT Be fashion-forward with this stylish windshirt pullover. Made of 100% microfiber, it helps protect against harsh elements such as wind and rain. The tipping stripes, which accent the neckline cuffs and hem, make sure that you will look great no matter what the weather. Adult sizes M- 2XL. Colour: Olive/Dill

MICROFIBER 1/2 ZIP WINDSHIRT This 100% peached polyester microfiber windshirt has zip sleeves which let you change with the season. While the polyester mesh lining allows for breathability, the microfiber shell is wind-proof and water- repellent. Along with a half-zip front closure, the inner collar and side panels contrast for a sporty appeal. Adult Sizes M-2XL. Colour: Tan/Black