DVD: ViewFinder - White Water

DVD:  ViewFinder - White Water
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Scott Lindgren is a world-class white water kayaker/adventurer. Scott has made fifty first ascents inremote, spectacular white water rivers, from the Himalayas to British Columbia, and here in California. Living on the rim of the north fork of the American river, Scott has a bird's eye view.

This is one of the best years in living memory for white water kayaking in California; the snow pack is 180% of normal. In May and early June, the snowmelt is too much, making many of our region's rivers too big, the rapids become gigantic and unridable. But after the first surge of snow melt, the white water conditions are perfect. When Scott has free time he can be found on the river.

One of Scott's favorite rivers to run is the upper north fork of the American river. Here the canyon is incredibly steep, the shore severely reduced, and the river is all that makes up the canyon bottom; some of the most spectacular scenery around. Scott made the first ascent of this section of the river seven years ago. We will see Scott's historical footage of that event. This section is only ridable in a year of big water flow, this year it's happening. Here Scott and his friends will descend 40 foot waterfalls, tube-like falls, and bounce off giant boulders.

The program features interviews of Scott and his friends discussing the magic of the American river, its position as a world-class white water river, his love of the sport and adventure. Scott developed his career as a white water rafter/adventurer here on the many forks of the American river.

Another favorite of Scott's is the South Silver fork of the American river. For 2 miles the river is just one immense granite waterfall. We'll see Scott and friends from very close up and POV shots. With commentary of Scott and friends on their experience.

You'll see river rafting guides go by with groups of rafters enjoying their trips. Scott's comments on what a fantastic resource the American River is, its wild and scenic beauty qualities, and his love for the place.